will only be available until end of june 2018. For more information, click here.

App for iOS

The vinfox-cave App helps you managing your wine collection and tasting notes. No matter where you are. It can be obtained from the App Store.
Highlights of the vinfox-cave App are:
  • Maximum availability of all relevant data of your collection, both on your iPhone (or iPod Touch or iPad) and on the vinfox-cave server.
  • Intelligent wine search with names.
  • Gesture controlled photographic search by label recognition directly on the device.
  • Gesture controlled quick removal of consumed wines.
  • Cellar location concept for a simple mapping of all relevant transactions in your collection.
  • Access to the comprehensive vinfox wine database.
  • Browsing your collection by transactions, tasting notes, location, maturity, quality, regions, and wine types.
  • Rating wines and recording tasting notes with personal drinking windows.
  • Valuation of your collection according to the vinfox price index.
The App offers the same features on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Correct Recording

Most collectors rarely have problems with keeping track of their orders and buys. There are often records like receipts or invoices.
It is more difficult to correctly record each bottle consumed. In practice, sooner or later there will be a difference between the cellar contents and the journal. This was true at the times of carefully handwritten cellar books and has neither changed with PC or online cellar management.
Here the App offers significant advantages:
  • Maximum availability: mobile devices are almost always within reach and ready to use - even in your cellar. Walking to a PC and starting it is no longer required. And the fatal habit of postponing the recording is broken.
  • Removing a bottle is always possible, even without internet access. Even in your cellar you always get full access to your collection.
  • With the local label recognition and creation of consumption transactions via gestures, removing a bottle becomes very easy and even fun.
22 Jan 2016