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Label Search with Gestures

On the iPhone and iPod touch, the label search can also be triggered with a gesture: start the camera by holding the device normally at the bottom and executing a whip from your wrist. The camera start is confirmed acoustically (Switching on a Canon PowerShot S80).
The camera is started in automatic mode: as soon as you hold the device still and the camera has focused, the picture is taken, and the search is started. This is also confirmed by a sound (Trigger of a Sony NEX-5).
With the label search via gestures, the consumption of a bottle from your collection can be recorded entirely with gestures:
  1. Start the camera with the gesture.
  2. Hold the camera over the label until you hear the trigger sound.
  3. If you hear the beep, the wine has been uniquely identified. Remove the bottle from the collection with the consumption gesture.
Label search with gestures is not available on the iPad.
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22 Jan 2016