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Personal Ratings and Tasting Notes

By touching and selecting Rating, you can enter your own ratings and tasting notes for a vintage of a wine:
Your rating of the wine in points relative to the maximum, e.g. 17 (of 20 points) or 88 (of 100 points).
The maximum number of points in your rating system. Typical values are 3, 5, 10, 20, 100.
The minimum number of years since the harvest one should wait before drinking the wine.
The maximum number of years since the harvest one should wait until drinking the wine.
The date the wine was tasted.
Your tasting notes or other remarks.
Start or end of the drinking period can also be entered as a year. The conversion into years after the harvest is done automatically. For non-vintage wines, this is the number of years after the tasting date you specify in the rating.
Drinking periods you enter are used instead of the vinfox data when computing the list of wines by maturity.
All rating fields are optional. Points and drinking period entered by you are shown along the vinfox data in the vintage list, and in reports and exports.
Your ratings are shown on the vintage view, before the cellar transactions.
The points and drinking windows input by you are also shown on the vintage rows. The maturity of a vintage is color coded: a green background indicates the wine should be drinkable, yellow indicates it should be drunk now, red indicates it could be past its best.
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22 Jan 2016